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in the new book:
"Drafted To Serve Pope John Paul II Making Miracles Happen"

Drafted To Serve is a true adventure story as experienced by the author. Part I of the story, The Pope Is Coming, takes you back in time to see and experience life as it was in 1992, when the Pope announced his decision to come to Denver in 1993. It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the two principal characters as they make every attempt to capitalize on the event.

Part II, The Pope Has Arrived, will provide you with an action-packed ringside seat to the activities as they take place, as the Good Lord drafts the main characters into the service of the Pope, culminating in events so extraordinary they can only be called miraculous. Written in a narrative style, the story will capture and captivate you as you journey through time with the author.

Whether you are a believer in miracles, attended World Youth Day 8, or just enjoy a true heart-warming story, Drafted To Serve is a must read. See the reviews.

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