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This picture was selected by the author for the cover as explained in his own words.

The Cover

During World Youth Day 8, it was reported by the media that each evening from 4-7pm, Pope John Paul II would retire to the garden behind the chapel, where he was staying during his visit, to pray. I am absolutely certain, and believe his evening prayers included a request of God to care for and protect the tens of thousands of his followers who had made the pilgrimage to Denver, Colorado to attend his event, and to see and hear him speak.

I am convinced that in answer to his prayers, the Good Lord did just that in many, many ways during the event. Some of which have been noted and memorialized in this story, including drafting my partner and me into the service of the Pope for a day, to help care for the 30,000 pilgrims on their 20 mile march, one hot August afternoon to attend the Pope's Mass. Throughout the entire event, there was never a single report of a participant being robbed, mugged, or harmed in any way.

Consequently, I concluded that his prayer garden was where the genesis of this story about the relationship Pope John Paul II had with God, took place. And therefore, a picture of his prayer garden was the most appropriate image to represent the story.

From a purely personal standpoint, the picture, taken by photographer, Paul Gana, circa 1994, also reminded me of my own prayer garden in the mountains about 30 miles south, although not quite as beautiful as, was and remains, the Pope's prayer garden located in Allenspark, Colorado.

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